Dr. Michael Saenger

Director, Empower Veterans Program, Atlanta VA Health System
• Pre-Summit Workshop: Empower Veterans Program: Innovative Functional Rehabilitation for Chronic Pain
Monday, March 28, 2016, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Saenger_Michael-lgDr. Michael Saenger, MD, FACP, is a clinician, teacher and system re-designer. He taught evidence-based primary care for 20 years, major depression care for 18 years, and chronic pain management for seven years. Also for the last seven years, Dr. Saenger led inter-professional teams for health system opioid safety (at Grady Health System and the Atlanta VA), and served in many pain management consultative positions. He is a national speaker regarding improved chronic pain management safety and care. In 2014, Dr. Saenger completed an advanced fellowship in quality improvement and system redesign with the VA National Quality Scholars Program. Currently, for Southeastern VHA Region, Dr. Saenger is the Physician Lead for Pain Management, and within the Atlanta VA Health System, the Director of Empower Veterans Program – a large, integrated, intensive, self-care training program for restoration from chronic pain. He is also faculty for IHI/Samueli Institute’s Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative.