Chris Angel

President & Co-Founder, Great Lakes Clean Water Organization

Chris Angel is one of the founders of Great Lakes Clean Water organization (GLCW). He serves as President of the volunteer Board of Directors. Great Lakes Clean Water is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that operates the Yellow Jug Old Drugs program to collect unused/unwanted drugs in a safe and approved manner in cooperation with participating pharmacies. There are currently 283 participating pharmacies in Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. By 2015, the program will be avialable in all the Great Lakes states.

Presently, participating pharmacies can accept only non-controlled substances. Since the beginning of the program, GLCW has planned for the eventuality of retail pharmacies being able to accept controlled substances for proper disposal. New regulations proposed by DEA will allow retail pharmacies to accept controlled substances for disposal. GLCW is now taking steps that will allow participating pharmacies to be able to collect controlled substances in accordance with DEA regulations when finalized.