Ty Sells

Director of Training and Development, Youth to Youth International

Ty Sells has been working to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse with young people for over 25 years. As an Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist, he has been traveling the United States speaking to teens and working with a multitude of youth serving organizations.

Mr. Sells is the Director of Training for Youth to Youth International. In recent years, Youth to Youth has begun a partnership with The Cardinal Health Foundation to address the many challenges prescription drugs present to our communities. In this capacity Ty has been involved in the development of the educational presentation entitled, “The pHARMING Effects. “ He created a training to teach several groups how they can do this presentation and moderated a panel featuring three of the State Directors as well as others on effective strategies to reduce prescription drug misuse and abuse. This panel was featured on WOSU plus as part of a full day program entitled Generation Rx.