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Strategic Sponsors

Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence
The not-for-profit Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence (CLAAD) coordinates a comprehensive national effort to prevent the diversion, misuse, and abuse of prescription medications while ensuring proper patient care. CLAAD formulates the National Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy, which has been endorsed by 30 non-profit health and safety organizations.

RAMM Technologies LLC
RAMM Technologies is dedicated to being a leader in improving the health and safety of Americans by developing preventive technology to reduce prescription drug abuse, addiction, and its resulting economic and social consequences. RAMM’s PillGuard Dispenser is a revolutionary device that ensures compliance and reduces diversion. The PillGuard by RAMM Technologies – “Changing Prescription Drug Abuse One Dose at a Time.”

As a leading national health care solutions organization, Amerinet collaborates with acute and non-acute care providers to create and deliver unique solutions that lower costs, raise revenue, and champion quality. To learn more how Amerinet and its strategic education partner, Inquisit, enriches health care delivery for its members visit www.amerinet-gpo.com.

Event Sponsors

Appalachia HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area)
AHIDTA seeks to measurably reduce the production and trafficking of illegal drugs, reduce drug-related violent crime in the region, and reduce the impact these activities have on other areas through cooperative, multi-jurisdictional law enforcement efforts.

MedReturn Drug Collection Unit
MedReturn, LLC through its MedReturn Drug Collection Unit provides a safe, secure and environmentally friendly way for law enforcement agencies and community anti-drug coalitions to collect unwanted medication, including prescriptions, for proper disposal.

Pikeville Medical Center
Pikeville Medical Center, the nation’s only repeat winner of the National Hospital of the Year Award (2009-11), is the region’s leader in the health care industry employing well over 2,300 people with more than 300 credentialed professionals practicing there. The hospital is a proud affiliate of the Cleveland Clinic’s Heart Surgery Program.

WestCare Foundation
WestCare empowers everyone to engage in a process of healing, growth and change benefiting themselves, their families, coworkers and communities. WestCare devotes its best collective and individual efforts toward “uplifting the human spirit.”

Workers Compensation Research Institute
WCRI is a nationally recognized leader in providing objective, high quality, and credible information about public policy issues involving workers’ compensation systems, including several ground-breaking studies on prescription drugs. One of these studies, Interstate Variations in Narcotics, shows that many physicians who prescribed narcotics to injured workers were not following recommended guidelines to monitor use, abuse, and diversion.

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